Do you want your brand to be easily recognized?

Many people wonder why brands become great. It’s a long journey, it’s important to set the right direction. If you dream that your company will be loved by millions of people, then boring and template design, complex and incomprehensible messages are not for you.

Imagine, with the help of your communication, you wow arouse emotions at first sight, and trust from the second … And we will help you to realize this.

What we do

We study, create and tell stories through design. So we help companies to be different.

We represent a creative team of professionals in the field of graphic design and branding. We have been working for years in marketing, implementing dozens of successful projects and hundreds of beautifully realized ideas.


Creative Director, founder of the studio

Courageously sets complex goals for herself and the team and inspiringly looking for ways to achieve them. Endowed with impeccable taste, masterfully manages the shape and color. Never losing control conquers deadlines without compromising quality. A rare mistake manages to slip away from her super exact sight.


Brand Designer

Experience in the restaurant industry helped Olya find her dream job and become a graphic designer. She used to draw on the margins of a notebook, and now she is creating a unique design. Any professional can envy Olya’s creativity. Interest in coming up with funny characters helps Olya to create original logos, identities and illustrations.


UX/UI Designer

Karina wrote to us on Instagram, asking if we could find a job. At that time, there was no vacancy, but after seeing the portfolio that hooked us, we called her for an interview. The stars came together, and after 2 weeks Karina was already working with us. She is now in charge of web design, social media design and more. Her hobby used to be collecting postcards, but now she creates them herself.


Account manager

Lera is responsible for communication with customers and the team. Having gained extensive experience as a brand manager in the hotel and restaurant business, she did not stop there and manifests herself in marketing, strategic planning and project management.


SMM manager

Thanks to Marina, our Instagram and Facebook live an active life. She manages the content plan for us and our customers. Specialist in beauty, photo and video shooting. She is also good at telling stories in posts, as well as simply motivating the team to share our insights on social media.

That’s why you may put
your brand on us


We combine aesthetics and functionality in one idea. We create a design that makes the brand smart and beautiful.


Based on our own experience and understanding of current trends, we direct brands to the recognition by the most direct way.


We recognize the importance of the dynamics of the environment, promptly react if it changes. We show a high level of mobility and adaptability.


We follow high quality standards in our work and demand the same from all our partners. We always strive to achieve the best result.


By the feeling of empathy, we consider the needs and preferences of the audience as our main guideline in the work and the measurement of success.

All inclusive

We delve into the business field of the brand. To create the most accurate solution we firstly try to understand the needs and features of the environment and the audience.