Logo and identity development for foodmate, culinary adventures in Kiev

A culinary adventure in Kyiv with degustation and a master class for tourists is foodmate!

Two inspired gastro enthusiasts, Julia and Olga, left their jobs in sales and marketing and created foodmate project together to do what they are passionate about:

  • to acquaint guests with Ukrainian culture through gastronomic traditions;
  • discover new tastes for the country guests, surprise and impress;
  • promote local food producers, local chefs and culinary culture.

They know how difficult it is to find Ukrainian cuisine outside of Ukraine, and they see great opportunities for themselves.

And we are happy to bring it all to life.

To show the uniqueness of Ukrainian cuisine we decided to use local products such as beets, carrots, tomatoes, sunflowers. We created visual identity based on it.

In fact, we had a very large list of ideas, but we settled on a beetroot color scheme and took beets as a basis.

The logo was hand-drawn with a brush pen and then transferred to digital.